Recycled Pallet Furniture

So why is recycled pallet furniture so hot right now?

We decided to ask local talent Jacinda from “Just a Bit Country” why she is obsessed with making recycled furniture and homewares from pallets.

Recycled Pallet Furniture 1“Most of my work has many purposes, it is only limited by my imagination which means each piece can be truly unique.

I have always loved to recycle everything I can – I don’t like to be wasteful.

So to be able to make gorgeous products people will feature in their homes out of recycled materials is a great feeling and I know I am doing my bit for the environment”.

Jacinda’s journey began with a Love of making homemade gifts,

“I was taught that homemade gifts come from the heart and I love taking an idea and attempting to make it from scratch, I love the sense of accomplishment when I see the end result”.

Jacinda started making recycled pallet furniture pieces for her family and friends and then they started requesting pieces, her husband and friends encouraged her to start selling her work which lead to the markets.

Her products are not only innovative, practical and useful, they are made from the heart and are such a gorgeous addition to any home.

The recycled pallet furniture trend is popping up everywhere and I have seen everything from dog beds, toy boxes, shelves and wine racks to tv cabinets, tables, outdoor furniture sets and book shelves.

Gorgeous Homewares that are made with a conscious decision to help the environment at the same time – what more could you ask for.

If you are clever like Jacinda and make gorgeous homewares from recycled items please share your creations with us in our Ideal Home Living Facebook Community and you too might be featured on our website.


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