Ideal Home Choices Product for November

Ideal Home Choices Vuly Thunder Trampoline

With the Christmas Holidays approaching I have been thinking about what to get my children for Christmas and I have made my decision. A Vuly Thunder Trampoline.

Ideal Home Choices Product For NovemberOur children absolutely love their trampoline, we were fortunate to buy it secondhand off a friend when her children had outgrown it.

Unfortunately after many many years of use and being in the weather it is time for a new one.
I am not ready for them to stop having the countless hours of fun in the backyard and it appears neither are they.

I asked our eldest son who is nine years old why he races home from school in the afternoon and gets straight in the trampoline, he had plenty of reasons:

  • He loves the noodle fights
  • Wrestling his brothers
  • The sprinkler underneath when it is hot
  • Kicking the soccer ball against the net so it rebounds back to him
  • I LOVE it when Mum bounces me really high
  • He loves when we all lay in there and look up at the clouds to see what dragons, lions and knights he can make out of the shapes of the clouds.

My friend Renee Fiedler, a very busy Mother of four, wife and business owner decided on the Vuly Thunder and when we asked her why here’s what she said.

“I did a lot of research and decided on Vuly because of their warranty and 1/2 price product replacement. I also had read lots of great reviews.
The service I received when enquiring and purchasing has been wonderful.
I also love that they are an Australian company, started by a young entrepreneur.
I love that it is big enough to fit all of our kids plus more on there and it is so safe.”

After looking at Renee’s Vuly Thunder and taking into account my boys are growing everyday and are solid young lads.

I want a trampoline to last them and above all else it needs to be durable enough for me to bounce on there with them.

The afternoons we spend together playing hot potato with half a dozen balls bouncing around in there laughing and giggling and our family games of blind mums bluff (I have to sit in the middle with eyes closed, they try to sneak around the outside and I have to throw a soft ball and see who I can get with it) are all memories I will hold dear to my heart forever. The truth of it is I don’t think I am ready to give up the boys trampoline days either.

For more information on the various Vuly Thunder models you can visit: Ideal Home Choices – Outdoors – Play

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