Geoclense Home Harmoniser

Have you ever wondered with all the technology within our homes nowadays, how is all the electromagnetic radiation affecting you and your family?

Geocleanse Home HarmoniserI first decided to try Geoclense Home Harmoniser after realising that all the aches and pains as well as other unexplained symptoms my husband and I were experiencing was not the fault of our bed.

We had just come back from an overseas trip, where we had slept in many different beds with no problems and hadn’t felt this good in ages. Prior to this over a few years we had bought four different beds, but still the problem existed.

I decided to do a little research and stumbled across an article on Geopathic stress. Upon researching I found a lot of information about the symptoms this can cause of which my husband and I were both experiencing for instance:

  • muscle aches and pains
  • headaches irritability
  • restless sleep and
  • I had developed Chronic Fatigue

After telling my daughter what I had discovered and upon her talking to a friend we discovered the Geoclense.

Since using this product I honestly believe I am feeling so much better.

My daughters friend believes she can tell when it has been turned off within their home as her body feels sluggish and her families sleep patterns are interrupted. Each time she has felt like this she has discovered her Geoclense has been turned off by one of the kids by mistake.

Geoclense describe their product “as a total solution for geopathic stress and electromagnetic radiation noxious energies harmonizer”.

They also claim that Geopathic stress within a building can put the bodies nervous system under stress which then leads to unhealthy cell growth and a compromised immune system.

With the Geoclense operating the stress put on the nervous system is removed and oxygen levels are corrected.

Have you had any experience with products like this or the Geoclense?

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