Remodeling Your House

Are you thinking of remodeling your house? Are you a home and renovation show junkie?

Do you hang out every week to watch shows like House Rules, Better Homes and Gardens, Backyard Blitz and The Block? Confession time…. I LOVE all of these types of TV shows, I love being inspired and thinking “WOW what a great idea”,

Remodel Your HouseI love seeing all the new products available and how they take a tired, rundown room or piece of furniture and restore it to its former glory or give it a new lease on life.

It works best in our household if my husband (who is a builder) watches the footy whilst I am busy watching and compiling a list of all the projects I am lining up for him.

He has tendency to always want to point out the realities surrounding DIY projects, which got me thinking!

I am lucky I have a skilled tradesman (and a whip in my hand ) around the house but for those who don’t there are a few considerations when tackling any home or garden renovation.


  1. All Electrical and Plumbing work really needs to be completed by a licenced professional
  2. Children, Pets and a building site really don’t mix – avoid unwanted trips to the hospital or the vet by limiting the access to your renovation project
  3. Power tools can Bite!!! Ensure you are concentrating at all times and adhere to the safety instructions. According to the Monash University Accident Research Centre, injury occurring in the home and surrounds account for approximately 30% of all adult injury and results in more days lost from work than “on the job” injuries.
  4. Old houses may contain lead paint – do not breathe in the dust whilst sanding, wear a mask!
  5. Beware of asbestos in houses built prior to 1980? Get a licenced professional to remove the affected boards, or there is an online course you can do which will ensure you know how to remove it safely. It is just not worth the risk
  6. Planning and Preparation is key – make a list of all the things that are annoying you and not currently working within the space, then make a list of everything you want to achieve with your new renovation. Next list how you will tackle the project and speak with the professionals you are hiring(if you are) to ensure you have them in the right order, for example you don’t want the brand new floor installed before the underfloor heating goes in.
  7. Be very clear of your budget – get quotes! Once you have planned out all the items you will need to purchase and tradies you will need to pay try to stick to your figures to avoid a budget blowout.
    A spreadsheet is a very handy tool for keeping track of your renovation.
    HINT: have a folder for all your receipts, plans and warranties, this will help you track your progress.
  8. Be realistic about the time you will need to complete the renovation – you know what they say about best laid plans and this is all too often the case when it comes to renovating. Whilst demolishing the back end of the house and constructing a gorgeous new outdoor entertainment area in its place all in one weekend may be possible for some, this would be quite the task even for a skilled tradesman.

It might not be easy to tackle your own home renovating but the effort, blood sweat and tears are all worth it in the end and You can rest easy knowing If you are not sure you want to tackle renovating yourself – you can always call in the experts.

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Remodeling Your House
Are you thinking of remodeling your house? Are you a home and renovation show junkie? Do you hang [more]

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