Planners For Your Home

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

We believe some of the planning tools available on the internet can be a valuable resource for anyone building a home or about to tackle any kind of renovating project. We researched and test drove some of the tools available and found quite a few very user friendly versions to get you started. So we have compiled a list of the best ones available right now

Planners Ideal Home LivingIdeal Home living will also be featuring simple to follow “How to” Guides and Sample boards to start impressing your family and friends with your handyman/woman skills … (shh we won’t tell them, they will never know you had a cheat sheet)

You will have access to some of the very best designers and their wealth of knowledge will be invaluable as inspiration for your next room makeover/revamp, learn from the best which planning tools they use everyday.

The planning stage of any project is paramount. Just like any skilled tradesman it is important you have the right tools.

Often times the hardest part is getting what is “inside our heads” conveyed to the people we need to help us complete the project. Planning tools help ensure there is no room for misinterpretation between yourself and the tradesman/shop assistant/interior designer or project manager.

Get the planning right and any project can be smooth sailing – Get it wrong and it could end up being your worst nightmare.

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