Safe Trampolines for Kids

Is your children’s safety paramount when it comes to trampolines in the backyard?

I remember as a child my sister over bounced and landed between the springs smashing her eye into the metal bar around the edge ….. I remember her black eye looked so sore and it reminds me all the time the importance of safe trampolines for kids.

Safe Trampolines for KidsSince the invention of the humble trampoline safety mats, the companies have taken it to a whole other level with springfree and safety nets.

Our children absolutely love their springfree trampoline, they have hours of fun in the backyard and I don’t have to worry about them hurting themselves (well ok that isn’t entirely true …. some afternoons it turns into the WWF in there but boys will be boys I suppose)

Our eldest son Braydon (9) says “he loves the noodle fights, wrestling his brothers, having the sprinkler underneath when it is hot, kicking the soccer ball against the net so it rebounds back to me and I LOVE it when Mum bounces me really high”

Busy Mother of four, wife and business owner Renee Fiedler decided on the Vuly Thunder and when we asked her why here’s what she said.

“I did a lot of research and decided on Vuly because of their warranty and 1/2 price product replacement. I also had read lots of great reviews.
The service I received when enquiring and purchasing has been wonderful.
I also love that they are an Australian company, started by a young entrepreneur.
I love that it is big enough to fit all of our kids plus more on there and it is so safe.”

With so many models, different features and price points it can make the decision quite hard for more information on the M, L & XL Vuly Thunder please visit Ideal Home Choices Outdoors Play Section

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