Pallet Succulent Garden

Create a Succulent Garden with Pallets

We love clever DIY Home owners who inject a little bit of love into their homes daily

Recycling and Re purposing pallets is very popular right now and we have found one clever home owner who transformed an unused pallet into a succulent garden.

Pallet Succulent GardenMichelle Meagher lives in the country with her husband and two gorgeous sons. She has a deep love of home and country life which is evident to all who meet her.

We asked Michelle why she loves DIY Projects and this is what she had to say “DIY projects are fun (sometimes testing) and once your done you can sit back and say ‘I made this!’ and feel proud about it”

Michelle had saved the pallet for well over 12 months to make a swinging bed for the front verandah. Since she hadn’t done that yet she thought she better do something with it before it was used for fire wood.

“It had broken in places so I decided to turn it into a planter box for my succulents.”

“This project was very easy (once I was able to locate the nails in the shed) and being the school holidays I had my 2 little off siders helping. They had fun hammering and sawing the off cuts, great family fun.”

Congrats Michelle on an awesome effort just goes to show with a little imagination (pinterest is great for inspiration too!) and a little elbow grease you can create wonderful additions for your home.

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