Minimalisitic Living

So What is Minimalistic Living?

Do you ever wish you could slow life down a tad, just grab hold of the reins and regain control of the chaos in your life?

Minimalistic LivingOur lives are becoming busier and busier with no signs of slowing, we make random purchases in a hope this item will make our life easier somehow …. sadly it doesn’t so it joins the other clutter in our home.

This Clutter not only fills our homes but it consumes our valuable head space, I know for me when my home is in chaos I find it so hard to focus.

Life begins with the breath. Sometimes we forget this simple thing and get so caught up in the daily grind of our lives. We wake up in a cluttered bedroom, do our rituals in a sloppy bathroom, quickly gulp down our morning coffee in a chaotic kitchen, go through our day and then relax in the topsy-turvy area we call our living room. “Relax.” Right?

Did you lose your breath for a few seconds while reading that? I know I did.

Home is where comfort, peace and beauty should reside.
It’s about time that we stop complicating our lives… and our living space. We need to start stripping things down to their essential qualities. Minimalistic living certainly seems to be the trend right now and I can see why… de clutter your home, de clutter your life and de clutter your mind.
It seems simple enough, right?

This may be a scary concept though – where do you start?

Well I had enough of our shed – I couldn’t find the things I wanted and even if I could, well I simply couldn’t get to it for all the other crap, oh excuse me valuable possessions that were in the way!!
So we simply started …. trailer backed up to the door and away we went. Yes we did get rid of some items we have been moving and packing and moving again over the past 10 years but boy oh boy did it feel good when we finished!

Our Advice:

  • Make a Start – find the smallest unorganised cupboard in your home and start there, you will find once you finish you will be inspired to do more.
  • Set a Time frame – for example if you haven’t used this item for the past 3 years – do you really need it?
  • Give to Charity – Don’t just throw it out, it will make parting with your possessions a little easier knowing they are going to a good cause.
  • Storage is the key – Group items together and find storage solutions to help you keep your items protected and sorted forever. Plastic tubs are wonderful, we now have all camping stuff together (& labelled) fishing stuff is all together (& labelled) Sentimental items in a box (& labelled). Seriously my hubby and kids were thanking their lucky stars they got out of there without a label. But at least now we know where everything is.!!! Finally!!!

Minimalism does not mean flat and boring. Even the simplest spice can add punch and flavor to a dish.

We at Ideal Home Living believe Minimalism is a way to regain control of a little bit of the chaos that has become our everyday.

Together we can remove the unnecessary clutter of a home that suffocates and create for you an open breathing space- an actual living space!

Minimalistic living = maximum quality of life.

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