Maintaining Your Wood Burning Fireplace Or Stove

With winter well and truly upon us, now is the time to maintain your wood burning fireplace or slow combustion stove.

Maintaining Your Wood Burning Fireplace Or StoveAnyone who owns a fireplace really loves the ambience it creates within the home.

There are other advantages like saving money on your main heating costs and hot water heating, if the hot water system is set up to heat from your stove.

If you haven’t thought about the fire place since last winter now is a good time to do some maintenance.

1. A good idea is to get a chimney sweep in annually to check your fireplace, clean the chimney of any soot and creosote, or get them to come more often if it’s building up rapidly on the chimney walls.

2. Always check regularly for a build up of creosote, it is a black substance that accumulates if the wood doesn’t burn completely. It’s flammable and can become a fire hazard, so you will need to use a creosote remover as soon as possible.

3. Check regularly for soot build up, this is softer than creosote and flammable, so should also be cleared out regularly.

4. If possible always try to burn hardwoods, they have less sap than soft woods, resulting in a much cleaner and longer lasting burn, therefore giving you less build up of creosote. Never burn treated wood.

5. Clean your wood burners’ interior regularly, (ensuring its completely cold first) sweep out or vacuum the floor of cold ashes. Always use gloves and a mask when cleaning your fireplace or stove.

6. Check for any cracks or damage to your stove and repair before using.

7. Check the chimney cap is still in good order and this usually has bird proof wire to keep birds and other creatures out. So really make sure there are no creatures blocking your chimney.

8. Trouble shoot especially, if there is smoke coming into the house, as this could be from creosote or soot build-up, or possibly the damper not being open or partly open as needed to burn properly.

If you regularly maintain your wonderful wood burning stove, you should be able to sit around and soak up its warmth for many more years to come.

I hope you find this information useful, if so …

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Maintaining Your Wood Burning Fireplace Or Stove
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