The Kitchen Doctor – Home Owner SOS Service

Does the idea of throwing money down the drain make you cringe?

Are you concerned about spending avoidable money on your home?

Introducing the “Home Owner SOS Service.” A Done-for-You Solution

The Kitchen Doctor "Home Owner SOS Service"When I first met Geoff Prior (GP) and Nurse Jilly I was immediately drawn to them. They are warm, caring and passionate people who really care about seeing home owners save their hard earned cash.

One of the first conversations I had with Geoff he told me he was a fully qualified cabinetmaker and the birth of their Kitchen Doctor service came about because he was sick and tired of replacing very young kitchens all due to the lack of maintenance. “What a Waste” he said.

He designed this new service for home owners who are sick and tired of working with half-functioning cabinets and want to avoid having to pay out thousands of dollars to replace their kitchen.

I believe the service they are offering to homeowners is important, after all we service our cars, we have regular check ups at the Doctor but do we look after the big ticket items in our homes?

Geoff is an expert at fixing the little things in your kitchen, before they become BIG expenses… and he has prepared the perfect service to help you keep your money in your pocket – the Home Owner SOS Service.

Here is what they do:

  • Service your Home’s cabinetry
  • Reduce possible threats from vermin – which can end up costing you thousands or worse pose a serious health risk to you and your family
  • Save you having to do a complete kitchen or bathroom refurbishment
  • Provide Quality workmanship and take pride in their service
  • Service with a Smile

For full details of their very affordable service and how they can save you thousands please Join Our Ideal Home Living Facebook Community above. You can also get tips, share ideas and showcase your creations. Look forward to meeting you there! Sharna and the Ideal Home Living Team.


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