Home Living With Children

Has your Home Changed since living with Children?

Have you had to let go of your inner OC?

Home Living With ChildrenI once read that humans are creatures of habit; hence, the state of their homes has been known to physiologically influence their behavior, emotions and overall mental health.

So does that mean I am now officially crazy?

Every single morning, normally at DAWN, my toddler’s foot whacks and wakes me up. At that exact moment, my Inner Mummy mode switches to “ON.”

Mummy scrambles up to chase the toddler with the heavy nappy. Tries to cook breakfast to the sound of the Screaming Children Symphony. Then, that piece of music’s crescendo turns into a THUD! SPLATTER! Oh, goodie, the tupperware drawer and its contents are now friends with the floor!

Mummy must have coffee, now! Ugh, it’s cold and… lumpy. This is not a lump of sugar, it’s a lump of Play Doh! Great.

With glazed over eyes, she watches her horde of tiny little beasts. How can such tiny creatures turn one’s home upside down? Wall treatments have become crayon “artworks.” The toilet has become a toy whose new purpose is to choke on gleefully-piled on toilet paper.

Words had specific meanings and purposes before. Home Living with Children changes that. Alarm clocks meant to start your day now mean a whack or a scream. A nightcap meant to end your day now mean cleaning the carnage left by your little barbarians. Sleep also now means, well, falling asleep before your head hits the pillow. And tomorrow means, well, yesterday and the days before that.

But, the creatures of habit that we are see beyond the craziness of all this… because, Home Living with Children also means a home bursting at the sides with laughter, immeasurable joy, and happiness coming undone at the seams. And nothing can ever outweigh that.

If you too experience a little mayhem in your home please join the Ideal Home Living Community group, for hints and tips on how to survive the craziness – we look forward to meeting you there!

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