Healthy Home Living – Breathe Easy

Is a Healthy Home where you can Breathe Easy important to you?

Healthy Home Living - Breathe EasyDid you know the indoor air quality of your home could be affecting your health?

We tend to believe that air pollution is something that only exists outside our homes. You might be surprised to find out that our living space might even be more polluted than the air outside! Our homes are rife with the sources of indoor pollution.

Did you know that formaldehyde found in many consumer products, hobby and craft materials can be the reason why our eyes, nose and throat are often irritated?

Did you know your furry friends could be causing your child’s nasal inflammation and aggravated asthma? They don’t intentionally cause these problems but their hair can be a real problem.

Dust mites in the carpet, bedding and furniture, and Volatile Organic Compounds found in our cleaning products all can affect our health too!

Sometimes it is as simple as just not airing the house often enough.

We spend more than 90% of our daily lives indoors where fumes can accumulate. It goes without saying that our habits can make a huge difference to our home environment.

Breathe Easy though just follow these simple steps and improve the air quality in your home in no time:

  • Don’t let the dust build up – dust regularly
  • Do NOT idle your car in the garage
  • NO smoking indoors – Smokers take it outside please
  • Vacuum and mop regularly
  • Decorate with Plants – The roots and foliage are a mean, absorbent tandem against chemical pollutants from synthetic materials and other pollutants.
  • Choose natural products whenever possible

Eliminate! Identify the source of air problems and make changes to your selection of home products and your home living habits as well.

Ventilate! Prevent pollutant accumulation by opening your windows.
Ensure you clean the filters in your air conditioners very regularly, and better yet, have a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter installed to make your AC even more effective.

Smell good, naturally!
Use natural cleaners like sliced lemons and baking soda that not only clean but make your home smell great too! (For more Homemade recipes join our facebook community)
Make your own natural reed diffusers using essential oils.

Healthy home living starts with you.

The choices and actions you make at home can not only give your warm abode a small makeover, they also allow you to let your home breathe and come alive. Breathe easy, Live easy and ensure you create your own Healthy Home today!

If you love ensuring your home’s health, get more ideas by joining our Ideal Home Living Facebook Community. See you there!

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