Hamptons Styling

Want to have a little of the Hamptons Styling at Home?

Hamptons StylingThe Hamptons style of decorating is at an all time high in the popularity stakes after the smash hit tv series “Revenge” (certainly ramped up my love of this style watching each week). It is a clever and cost effective way to decorate though as it never goes out of fashion.

This style of decorating comes from the Hamptons region of Long Island in New York, the place to be seen for the affluent.

You may want to inject some of this classic decorating with rustic style into your home.

To achieve the Hamptons style you must consider:

  • Using light colours
  • Having lots of natural light
  • Decorating with vintage pieces
  • Creating a Balance with Style
  • Bringing in lots of natural elements

If you can source a few feature pieces of furniture in neutral shades you will always have a good base for changing with the seasons. With this classic Hamptons Style, the interior of your home will have enduring style, relaxed luxury and a feeling of comfort. The use of tranquil colours will allow your treasured statement pieces to shine. Furniture can be a mix of old and new with old cane or rattan pieces, recycled timber, any nautical pieces especially an old sea captains chest or tin trunk used as a coffee table.

Imagine this! ……… Custom made cabinets displaying a mixture of nautical objects with decor like old silver, crystal and family treasures, giving you that warm sentimental feeling every time you glance at it whilst making the home uniquely yours.

This all works wonderfully with your plush upholstered sofas and chairs adorned with an array of plump cushions.

Classic dining room suites enhanced with feature lighting are another design feature and Ohhhhhhhhhh- those wonderful dark timber floors are just heavenly.

Now if you want to start your journey into “Hamptons Style Decorating” we have two cane rattan tables to inspire you at Ideal Home Choices – Check it out! Ideal Home Choices – Products – Furniture/

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