Create Your Sanctuary – For the Active

Are you an active person yet still longing to create your own sanctuary at home?

Do you enjoy getting your adrenaline rushing and your happy hormones flowing, but often find it inconvenient to get to the gym or pool?

Create Your Sanctuary - For The Active 2Perhaps the answer lays at home – View the areas of your home in a different way.

HOME GYM: Why not set up gym equipment at home – transform the junk room or perhaps the deck overlooking your view will entice you to workout each and every day.
If you can set up a permanent area where you don’t have to put the equipment away you are more likely to use it – so create your own exercise area at home

POOL: Transform your backyard as swimming is one of the best forms of exercise, having recently installed a pool at home I am loving the extra exercise and time spent together as an active family. Whether it is laps or water aerobics or jumping in and out of the pool or creating a massive whirlpool it all gets the blood pumping and is great for our families health.

Create Your Sanctuary - For The ActiveKIDS PLAY EQUIPMENT: Get the kids involved too! Some of the forts available today are fantastic they come complete with climbing walls and rope ladders, obstacle courses and swings to get them out in the fresh air and running off some of that energy. Why not have a crack at building one yourself and let them help there too!! A couple of tins of brightly coloured paint and you are sure to have an outdoor gym masterpiece in no time.

NO ROOM FOR A GYM or a POOL? Then try out the following:

  • Exercise balls, weights and videos
  • Have a game of tiggie or soccer in the backyard
  • Yoga mat and video
  • Have a water balloon fight – plenty of running and laughing involved
  • Ride bikes together as a family – quality time together
  • Go for a walk (don’t forget the pooch)
  • Skip or Hula Hoop
  • Trampoline – try bouncing the kids for half an hour then check your heart rate

Create your own active sanctuary at home today, where the heart is and where it beats in the pure exhilaration of finding time to immerse in active play. So breathe in, stretch your hands out to the sky and go chase life!.

Have you got great tips for being active you could share with our Ideal Home Living Community? We would love to hear them please join us at

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