Comfort Spaces in Your Home

Do you have comfort spaces in your home?

Comfortable, Chilled out and relaxed – three feelings I get when I am at Home. Though every home needs to have practical and functioning elements, it is paramount that each individual has their own “Comfort Space”. We are all different so the things that appeal to us and soothe our soul will be very individual.

For the lady of the house this could be enjoying time curled up in bed surrounded by snuggle pillows and a soft bamboo throw rug – lamp on – book in hand or her favourite movie playing.

Creating Comfort Spaces in Your HomeWhat would be a great comfort space in your home?

Perhaps you like to spend your time sitting on your Grandmothers antique armchair overlooking your favourite view of the garden whilst the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee on the coffee table your grandfather built beside you ignites your senses.

Man caves are becoming increasingly popular for the Man of The House and why wouldn’t they want to spend their down time in there. With everything from the bar, pool table, fridge, lounge, widescreen tv, surround sound stereo equipment all “essential” to watch the Friday Night Footy, seriously they only need to add a bed and they could live in there (hmm now there’s a thought ladies).

One I visited recently had the fire pit to sit around retelling their stories (I can assure you no exaggerating goes on … said no wife ever!) and doubles as the bbq to cook the sausages when food is needed to soak up the hours of drinking beforehand. The sink comes complete with Solvol hand cleaner, no lavender and rose petal hand wash happening here.

A friend of ours has an old fashioned timber Thunderbox for his secret stash of rum which is pretty clever really because no wife is ever going to look in there. No matter the shape or size they are a great space for the man of the house to get back to their cave man days with their mates and unwind.

They say every man needs a shed – I think every Aussie wife needs her man to have a shed… maybe this is the secret to a long and happy marriage

Happy Children = Happy Household!! What calms them after a long and exhausting day at school? Is the backyard the place they need to let off steam? We often joke that our trampoline with the net all the way around most afternoons looks like a version of the UFC or the WWF wrestling championships but it works!! The boys come in calm and they have a sweat up so I don’t see any harm after all boys will be boys.

I am no expert on little girls now days but I do remember I always loved the smell and feel of freshly washed sheets and laying on my bed with the fan on, Madonna playing full volume in my cassette Walkman whilst I sang at the top of my lungs.

Looking back now I feel sorry for mum, dad and the neighbours having to endure that but thanks guys for allowing me to have my own space to chill out.

Having a space for each individual within the home is an integral part of living a harmonious life

HINT: Our lives are so busy these days so it pays to always have each member of the families favourite comfort food on hand at all times. If the family loves Mum’s Spaghetti Bolognaise or Dad’s Hearty Beef Stew ensure there is always a batch in the freezer ready to heat on those crazy busy days. Whatever the favourite is the moment it starts heating and the home fills with those gorgeous aromas the families senses are comforted.

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