Beachfront Living – Seascape Escape

Do you dream of a Seascape Escape?

What if it wasn’t just an escape instead you created your own sanctuary of Beachfront Living to enjoy everyday at home.

Are you someone who finds solitude in the ocean’s ever-shifting tides?

Having the ocean right there at your front door is like owning a piece of heaven on earth. Some people forget how much they need the ocean when they are buried up to the neck with work and other daily worries.

Beachfront Living - Seascape EscapeWe may not be able to bottle up the sea breeze nor fill a jar with the beach sun to soak up in them at the end of a long day but we can extend the ocean into our homes. Within the areas of your beachfront property, you can create common and individual sanctuaries for you and your family. Here are but a few ideas to get you inspired.

Children’s Nautical Loft
Fire up your children’s imagination with a nautical-themed loft, complete with portholes, a hammock and a ship’s wheel!

Workshop Dock
His boat. His tools. The ocean. Let his windows be big and wide to take in the view. (Just don’t put a comfortable bed in there or you’ll never see him again!)

Outdoor Living Room
You, awashed in a sea of blues and laid-back (anti-corrosion!) wicker and wood furniture, surrounded by friends and family dancing to the beat of your favourite music.

Sleepy Verandah
An oversized (and well-oiled) hanging swing surrounded by soft, cozy pillows will have you sighing everytime as the spectacular view of the sunset slowly fades from the horizon.

Living the beachfront life means time not moving from hour to hour- it is the tides that carry you, not time. Creating a place of sanctuary in your home where you can watch the sunset, amid twinkling fairy lights and sparkling champagne is possible here. You need not chase the stress of daily living here, you just need to follow the sun and the cold, sparkling silver of the sea.

If this lifestyle sounds like a great fit for you, discover more about it and make your beachfront living dream come true:

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Beachfront Living – Seascape Escape
Do you dream of a Seascape Escape? What if it wasn't just an escape instead you created your own [more]

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