13 Ways To Get A Great Night’s Sleep

How to get a Great Nights Sleep

Do you have certain things you do in your home to help you and your family settle into slumber?

As a business owner, wife and mother of 3 gorgeous energetic boys I have to say bedtime is one of my favourite times of the day. I know what you are thinking it is because the kids are in bed and there is finally silence after a busy day but for me it is the routines we have formed as a family that are my favourite.

13 Ways To Get A Great Night's SleepCreate a tranquil comfort space

Surround yourself with things that make you feel comfy and stimulate feelings of tranquility and bliss ensures a peaceful night’s sleep.

For me, my bamboo blanket is a must and I have certain pillows that are “just right”.

Technology Be Gone

Recently I discovered a lot about how technology within the home can affect your sleep.

I noticed I do not sleep as well when hubby brings his Apple Iphone into the bedroom at night and I am now leaving my mobile phone (and all other portable electrical devices) in the office and what a difference it is making.

Through a friend we have discovered a clever little device called a “geocleanse” which helps counteract the wi-fi waves etc. within your home. I am pleased to report the first night we used this two of our sons (who are notorious for coming into us at night and are always first out of bed) slept through the night and slept in, well 5:45 is an improvement on 5 AM I say.

We are also making sure we don’t read on back lit devices before bed as studies have shown the back light stimulates part of the brain that affects our sleep. Hubby was always on his phone at night and found he just couldn’t “switch off”.

Do not bring work home or into the bedroom

As self employed business owners, this is a hard one but we are consciously trying to close the door to the office and our work day is finished.

The lap top has been banned from the bedroom as I was finding I would get so caught up in my new business that midnight had been and gone and I was no where near settling down for the night.


Who else hates getting to the end of the day being so tired your eyelids are closing on you as you walk to the bedroom only to discover that huge mountain of washing lying where you just want to collapse (and the wardrobe is a mess, really should tidy it up first to put the clothes away) Yep me too!

I find when our bedroom is tidy and organised with everything in its place and I can climb into bed without looking at the mess I feel content and sleep comes easy.

Purify your air – Indoor plants

Bring a lovely touch of nature to your room, it will help to purify the air a soaking up CO2 and other environmental toxins.

Routine for the kids – “We are part of a team”

… is the saying in our household, I also hear myself often saying “I didn’t pull them all out so I shouldn’t have to pick them all up should I?”

We have strategically placed toy boxes and make the kids pick up their toys before bed.

After all no one wants to step on the “demon spiked” lego in the middle of the night.

Mellow Music

This is a lovely way to finish off the day our family favourite at the moment is Tony O’Connor’s “Windseeker” cd. The boys absolutely love it and we find they are normally asleep by the end of the second song …… ahhh the bliss!

Whilst this is playing I am enjoying a nice hot cup of tea!

“Mum please massage my feet”

Whilst you might be thinking how would I have time to do that it doesn’t have to take very long and it is a great way to settle them down.

If they are sick this is a great way to rub the vicks into their feet also.

Read a Book

Some nights I am lucky if I get through one chapter even so this is a great way to relax and unwind.

Stimulate nice dreams with the kids by reading a book to them or now mine are reading themselves I love listening to their stories (we have discovered one small problem with this is when they get stuck on a word and they ask me to help only to find I have nodded off!! think they call that busted!).

Cuddles on the Couch

Some nights we put a favourite show on and all five of us hop on our couch and just relax together.

They all have to have turns cuddling Mum and Dad so there are a few position changes.

The boys love shows about animals and travelling so this sparks alot of discussions for us as a family about places we would like to visit and animals we want to go see. So whilst some may view TV time as not quality time, I feel when it stimulates discussion and I get cuddles that is just fine with me.


Lavender, Sandalwood, Chamomile, Jasmine and Vanilla are all said to have wonderful calming properties to pave the way for a restful nights sleep.

Whether this is through a body wash, a soak in the bath, a body lotion, an oil demister, candle or reed diffusers, if the scent appeals to you and makes you feel calm and relaxed – then ENJOY!

Sip before Sleep

My appreciation for tea has gone to a whole new level since discovering the “Higher Learning” organic “Evening” tea. It has a calming infusion of lemon balm, lavender and chamomile with a soothing blend of herbs. It is so smooth and I really feel it soothes my soul.


I have always enjoyed relaxing type oils on my temples to help induce sleep but recently I was introduced to DoTerra Oils which are so concentrated you only need one drop on the soul of your foot.

The serenity blend is heavenly and this has become an enjoyable part of our nightly routine now.

Now whilst we may not do all of these every night (it would take us 3 hours to get to bed), it is a lovely way to spend time together as a family and chill out and relax after our hectic day.

I would love to hear your feedback if any of these rituals work for you. Join Our Ideal Home Living Facebook Community above to get tips, share ideas and showcase your creations. Look forward to meeting you there! Sharna and the Ideal Home Living Team.

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