Tips to Start Designing Your Home

Not sure where to start when Designing Your Home?

u-nique. [yoo-neek] adjective… being the only one of its kind; unlike anything else.

Tips to designing your homeJust as each person is unique in their own right, at Ideal Home Living, we believe your home should be the a reflection of you and NOT your builder.

Finding a builder or architect who will work with you to design the home you are dreaming of from the ground up will help to ensure you get to BUILD YOUR HOME not theirs!!

Your builder should promise to listen to what is important to you and your vision for your home, then help you to create just that – YOUR VISION – YOUR HOME.

TIP 1: Create your own “scrapbook” of home pictures you love, especially if you see a picture of how you want a particular room to look and feel or a property you can see yourself living in.  This way you are helping to eliminate any miscommunication between you and your builder or architect.  The more information you can give your builder the better.

TIP 2: List your 3 Must have’s and discuss these with your builder/new home designer.  This is a great activity for both you and your partner to complete.  First separately then compare notes.  Throughout the building process there are sometimes compromises that are needed, this way you know what is important to each other right from the very start and you can avoid at least a couple of heated discussions.

TIP 3: Spend time discussing your vision for your new home with your builder – be sure to clarify that you are both on the same page.  Spending time in the beginning can really save you big $$$ down the track

TIP 4: Be sure you feel comfortable with your builder!  Communication is paramount you MUST  be able to speak openly and honestly with your builder as you will be dealing with them for a considerable amount of time.

TIP 5: If you are working with a marketing company be sure to meet the builder who will actually be constructing your home before you sign on the dotted line and make sure they are 100% clear of your vision for your new home.  Ask what documentation they have been given on your previous discussions with the marketing company – be sure all of your needs and wants are in the documentation and on the plans before signing.  This could just save you thousands in extras not to mention a lot of headaches.

TIP 6: Be sure you have total freedom of choice when it comes to the fixtures and fittings, this will ensure the home is definitely a reflection of your individuality

Do your research, Be informed, Be organised – take these three steps and you will limit the amount of stress and instead allow yourself to enjoy the exciting adventure that is Building Your Unique New Home!

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Tips to Start Designing Your Home
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