Tips for Ideal Home Building Clients

We interviewed Scott Mills from BJT BUILDING to find out what we can do to be the ideal home building client?

Here’s what Scott had to say.

How to choose the ideal builder

“Building a home becomes a partnership between the owners, myself and my team. 

Communication is paramount to achieving the best possible result for our client. 

Issues or concerns come up throughout the building process but if everyone involved keeps the lines of communication open and honest and deals with the issues while they are small, a timely solution is always reached and the build continues to flow smoothly”

Scott mentioned that clients often say to him “this probably sounds like a silly question” to which he explains to them “asking questions means you become involved and helps you to understand the process which helps us to work together effectively, so there are no silly questions”

“Aside from communication I love when clients know what they want and are organised with their product selections.  This is invaluable for me as I can order the goods ahead of time to keep the project ahead of schedule – this one step saves so many time delays and gets the client into their new home sooner”.

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