My Home Building Journey – Stress Free

An Enjoyable and Stress Free Experience

Where to now ….. well it was time after 24 years in the building industry for hubby to get his builders licence oh and on top of the study and travelling to classes lets throw in another pregnancy – but hey we never do things by halves so lets make it twins …. just for fun!!

My Home Building Journey - Stress Free As much as we LOVED our Queenslander we decided we should downsize to start our building company. Our house sold quickly (of course who wouldn’t want to live in such a beautiful home?)

By the time we built the twins were almost one and our eldest son was only three, but boy oh boy were we determined to have 0 stress and absolutely nail the building process.

I think we did alright!!! We built our next home in 7 weeks and we moved in.

We were so organised and I had made so many notes from my previous two experiences and picked my husbands brain. I delved deep into his wealth of knowledge to ensure our plan was fool proof.

Would I want to build again that quick? Maybe not, it was full on crazy but we were on time constraints with a rental property so we made it happen.

In life it seems just about anything is possible if you follow a system and I believe being informed, prepared and involved are the key factors to building your new home stress free.

We are now planning our next home and our three sons are involved in the process. They have their A3 scrapbooks out and they are planning the whole property not just the home.

The wish list so far includes:

  • The ninja warrior obstacle course,
  • The motocross track,
  • The Nerf war zone area complete with tree house, camouflage and ropes course
  • Swimming pool complete with water slide.
  • The massive climbing trees with tarzan ropes hanging everywhere
  • and of course what home would be complete without the full sized soccer field complete with goals.

Scott and I are thoroughly enjoying seeing what their Ideal Home looks like to them. Our youngest has also drawn his floor plan with one massive bedroom with four beds in it and considering he is still coming in to our room most nights I am wondering if he might be onto something with that idea.

If you would like to know more about how we nailed the building process and how you too can save yourself all the stress when building your new home, I have written an ebook called Home Building Know How.
It is full of hints, tips and strategies to help you avoid the most common costly mistakes.
Visit for more information.

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