My Home Building Journey – Part One

Building My Home

So where did it all begin …..

My Home Building Journey - Part OneMy Home Building Journey began when I was 22 (feels so long ago now) I was working 7 days a week selling real estate.
The part of the job I loved the most was getting to list the new homes. I loved walking through the front door to discover what each home owner had done with their house to make it their home.

The time came for me to either buy or build and I chose to build so I could have the freedom of choice, warranties and the smells of a brand new home.
Call me weird but I love shopping for the cabinetry, tiles, carpets, plumbing and light fittings and selecting the paint colours to compliment my selections just tops it all off (I like this way more than clothes shopping).
I feel like a kid in a candy store when all my selections come together and look just as I imagined they would.

Thinking back though I was nervous, I wanted to make sure I “got it right”.
I was lucky Mum and Dad had always instilled in me that houses need to face the right way to take advantage of the morning sun and shield us from the afternoon sun, so when I was choosing plans we spent a Sunday afternoon on the block with a couple of cold beverages and watched where the sun went over the block to see if the plan would suit the block of land and we made our changes accordingly.
This was time well spent, the areas of my home I wanted warm on those frosty -.2 degree winter mornings were always lovely and toasty and the areas I wanted cool in summer were protected.

Working such long hours everyday, it was really important to me to be organised and although I would rate my building experience as not too bad, there were a couple of hiccups and plenty of stress along the way.

I remember almost having an anxiety attack one day when the builder rang me while I was with clients because he wanted to know what window colour I wanted.
I had not chosen this and had not been told I had to choose a window colour (I guess I should have assumed this but that is one of the joys of being a new home builder – you just don’t know!) I was booked solid that day I asked if I could go and have a look at the colour range and was told no where in town has it and I need your decision within the hour. In the end I told him to choose as I didn’t know what colours were available and I hoped for the best.

I was stressing out though!

I couldn’t wait for the windows to turn up to make sure they looked ok and luckily for me they did, but this was stress I just didn’t need.

There was a mix up with the plans and the wrong slab was poured and although we reached a solution again it was stressful.
I loved my little home on the hill and I was proud of my achievement but I was fairly certain I wouldn’t build again … or would I?

Stay tuned for part 2

If you would like to share your building journey stories with us be sure to join the Ideal Home Living facebook group and share your experiences with us. You might just help someone else on their building journey.

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