My Home Building Journey – Marrying a Builder

If you can’t beat them – marry them!!

Then I fell in love with a wonderful man who happened to be a carpenter, well we decided to build a home on acreage with a toddler in toe.

My Home Building Journey - Marrying a BuilderA Big beautiful Queenslander Gorgeous spanish ceramic tiles, blue gum polished hardwood floor, stylish kitchen with an oven to die for, wide open verandahs to sit, relax and enjoy the view – our dream home.

This time I picked the window colour and had all my selections made but quickly discovered this was a whole other journey for me.

This time I was going to be involved and get down and dirty in the building process, including painting rafters on the verandah standing on scaffolding with a strong westerly wind blowing and I detest heights – not my fondest memories and I won’t tell you how long it took to get that classic cream paint out of my hair!

I soon learnt a great deal about the building process and took on a number roles

  • Dealing with the tradies,
  • Somehow I became the Chief of Site Clean Up – boy oh boy we had one crew in particular who I am sure must have lived in a pig pen!! After cleaning up the mess they left behind I learnt real quick how to make it very clear that the site is clean when you arrive make sure it is Spotless when you leave!!
  • Oh and the grout oh the glorious grout how I Love the!! No one warned me that stuff has a way of making it into your hair and all over your clothes and when you actually finish the job there is still the job of getting it off each and every tile before you can move in. Clean, Rinse, Repeat, Clean, Rinse, Repeat …..

In all seriousness though, I really enjoyed the labouring side of my new role and I especially loved helping getting the job to floor stage. I had never heard of yellow tongue but after a day and a half laying it, I had become a part of the system and we were able to sit on our new floor and look out over our property, imagining what life was going to be like in our brand new home.

The whole process was not without stress, being the owner/wife/mother/cleaner/negotiator/client all at once had its challenges so when it came time to build our third Home I was determined to “nail” it.

Stay tuned that is a whole other story.

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